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IWantKatie Sneezegasm Video

Posted in Big Tits, IWantKatie, Solo Girls on September 4th, 2006

Fresh off the press is Katie from IWantKatie.com in ‘Sneezegasm’! We love these quirky little gems, as we’re sure you do! The lovely busty Katie is terrorized in this video over her allergy to pepper! Just check out the medication bottle, they’ve thought of everything!

Slinky, sexy and slender – Katie is a lovely temptress! We give you Sneezegasm, remember you saw it first here at FleshSpot!

Speaking with Katie and her cohorts in crime over at IWantKatie – they are working on a whole series of these videos for her members. Oh man! Thats just gonna be awesome! The next one is going to be kinky I’m sure of it, shes got the perfect cock teasing eyes to look back over her sexy ass inviting you to come have some!

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I Want Katie – Closet Viking Video

Posted in Big Tits, IWantKatie, Solo Girls on September 4th, 2006

IWantKatie presents this most entertaining video, a new take on your usual videos from hot internet models! The delicious Katie is at serious risk of being eaten alive in this short video, the first of two videos from I Want Katie in todays entertainment shorts bonanza here at FleshSpot!

We love things a little out of the normal here and this little bit of gold dust shows that blondes don’t have ALL the fun! 🙂 Katie is a beautiful slender brunette and isn’t at all shy! We thinks she can act pretty good har har!

Check back in a moment for second installment from IWantKatie brought to you by FleshSpot.

IWantKatie A New Girl

Posted in Big Tits, IWantKatie, Solo Girls on August 1st, 2006

Theres a new girl in the neighbourhood! Katie from her website IWantKatie has just opened the doors to the latest hood candy store! This lovely creature is absolutely petite with that perfectly formed ass to die for!

You saw her first here at FleshSpot! This dashing young teen is shown here playing with an ice cube, letting the slow dribble of cool goodness flow down from her heavenly breasts down to her damp pussy over that perfect stomach.

It wouldn’t be fair to talk about IWantKatie with mentioning Katies magnificent knockers, those beautiful breasts. Her site says people watch movies to see real girls with real breasts like this! FleshSpotters know to come to FleshSpot!

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