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Christine Mendoza Webcam Striptease

Fuck me check out those tittays! Id never heard of this girl before but now I have seen her im gonna have to try and hunt down more of her. I did a google and it turns out that she is a web model with her own website.Christine Mendoza Online is the site that she features at. Im gonna go and try to find some more videos of her to share. Those titties are too amazing to just pass up. If anyone has some more info on Christine Mendoza then drop us a comment and share your info 🙂

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11 Responses to “Christine Mendoza Webcam Striptease”

  1. jtmarlinceo Says:

    It was quite a shock when I for the first time seen her strip tease vid on youtube. My god!!! Skeet Skeet Skeet! If you guys know what I mean.

    I’ve actually had the honor of meeting Chritine at a party here in the bay area a few years ago. Shes truly a sweetheart and very down to earth. Shes short in height which is typical for a filipina girl but she is oh so thick in the hips, a beautiful face and shes got awesome boobs! 36 C’s ALL NATURAL. I’ve got some vids of her from modfxmodels.com as well as a few other misc ones. Shes featured in alot of modeling websites as well as import autoracing sites.

    Feel free to email me and I can share some other videos of the lovely Christine Mendoza.

    Her info is all over the web just google her.

    If anyone needs concrete details. Feel free to message me.

  2. Boonyee Says:

    hey i’d like to get those videos of her. i’m a huge fan of hers.

  3. TheDot Says:

    jtmarlinceo can i have a vid my mail is sage995@hotmail.com

  4. fanners Says:

    hey can i get some videos of her?! shes very beautiful.. thx..

  5. glamour-agency Says:

    Studio Glamour Modeling

    hey great stuff

  6. whoosa Says:

    hey jtmarlinceo, can i have some videos of Christine? you can email me here. roniel_84@yahoo.com. thanks dude.

  7. Raven Riley Nude Says:

    Raven Riley

    Raven Riley

  8. Gr Says:

    beautiful!! =)

    hey jtmarlinceo, my friend, i will be very grateful if u send some vids of her

    gurilupexeboi@hotmail.com thnx so much

  9. J. Says:

    do u know how to download those videos to your computer and save it? could you post some more videos please…thanks

  10. Nine Says:

    Hey JT you think you could upload those videos to a torrent site and email me the torrent? If not can you please just email me the vids, thanks.


  11. kalis Says:

    dont even think about it

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